Hello there, my name is Francis and i'm in culinary school. Here is what you can expect to see Tool/ Maynard related/ Deftones/ Mudvayne/ Marilyn Manson/ QOTSA/ Static-X/ Slipknot/ Mastodon/ Alice In Chains/ erotic pics/ sexy ladies/ funny shit/ quotes from songs/ food I cooked/baked/ pics of me(sometimes)/ sexy bitches of tumblr/ beautiful pics of land/ wonderful art/ all around good shit. nothing i post is mine unless stated.


Copy of A - Nine Inch Nails 

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If it WERE one Universe.. I learned 2 things about US History this summer.

1. Bucky Barnes shot JFK

2. Magneto took the fall

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Sophia Baughan


Sophia Baughan

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Tool, Wings for Marie (Pt 1) & 10,000 Days (Wings Pt 2), Live

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Y Haeki - Poison, 2014       Paintings: Watercolors


Y Haeki - Poison, 2014       Paintings: Watercolors

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This was like almost 3 years ago when I first joined GG and fucking hated myself in an incredibly harsh way. I don’t even know why because I’m so cute. The mind is toxic sometimes, man.

Glad you’re back :-)

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